Talking Obama The President HD for iPad App Reviews

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You can't record! He just says random things! This app is terrible 😤😡


How can I get my money back?


U people lie and cheat by charging for apps that say they are free. This is the third time. I'm through dealing with you all and I canceled my order for the 200 iPads for the students. Thank you very much. I got them the Kindle Fire instead....234

Lame !

With the recording fixed update, this app is still awful, the playback voice is not close to Obama's voice.

Waste of money lip sync not even close recorder does not work

Lip sync does not even come remotely close recorder does not function waste of money umm mm thats par

doesn't work

same issue as reported by others....record/ playback feature does not work, despite what developer says. also, "report a problem" link on itunes invoice doesn' work either. apparently neither apple or their app developers bother to check their work. heck of a way to run a business!

Talking Obama

There must be a problem somewhere because he does not repeat what is said. Pressing "playback" takes you to the desktop. What's going on? Help please!

Big waste

Big waste of money. I should have checked out the reviews first. Can not figure out how to email quotes.

Omama by eddiedog

All I can say is what a waste of money. There is nothing good about this app. App store should remove it from their listings

Does not load

I'm starting to think Apple doesn't want it to load, because too many will use it to show what a dope he is. Manipulation even here....


Useless don't buy only a wast of time says bad words,it speaks what ever it wants.I am 8 years and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Good potential but....

Lame graphics and the mouth is moving all the time, typical of a politician I guess. Oh well, what's 99 cents? I've blown alot more than that.

Please Fix!!

The only thing that works on this is the soundboard.You can't even record your voice so Obama can say what your saying and app even says you can.Please Fix and I'll give a five star

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